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****RULES**** Empty ****RULES****

Post by Jaykelvik on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:25 pm

DeltaGamming rules are only here for your protections and well being.

1) Please keep all cussing to a minimum
2) no racial or sexual remarks insults or gestures will be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.
3) No spamming of other peoples threads
4) aviators and signatures can not contain links to other sites with out permission of staff.
5) DeltaGamming and the games we create are always for free but there game names will be copyrighted.
6) Arguing with a staff member in a open topic/thread will lead to a warning if it continues then the person in question will receive a three Day ban
7) all signatures and aviators must be the required size and be of appropriate design (meaning no cussing or racial innuendos of any sort)

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