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Meet the team of Deltagamming Empty Meet the team of Deltagamming

Post by Jaykelvik on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:50 am

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Jamie lee Oldman (myself)
i first became interested in online gaming at the dawn of the gaming boom way back in 1996 ,i spent countless hours playing all the different online arcade games (at the time) trying to see what i could complete and how high ranked i could get.

a couple years later i herd in the pipe line of a Game called mechscape one of the worlds first MMos so i signed up for the pre beta testing of the game unfortunately i didn't get selected to play but i joined up the following year to play and soon fell in love back then online games were running of 16bit modems and the internet was a thing for the rich if you had internet access you was mega lucky so as you can imagine the online gaming scene was pretty desolate and not many played then Runescape hit the scene way back in 1999 and by then the internet was a hell of alot better better connections and not just for the rich but anyways the story goes i played online games from the dawn of the era to this present day i first got started in online game building or Game development as many members call it at around the year 1999-2000 simple making stand alone pc games and soon to follow FPS games but that wasn't enough for me i wanted my very own online game so Back in 2006 i came up with the idea to create my very first 2D online game and with the Help of a very good friend of mine Sam Gonzales AKA DoomTeam and PBCRAZY the Game was Called Aligasia Online and soon was a very attractive little 2D mmo reaching in access of 300 members or there abouts myself and Sam went on to create many other online games in 2D and 3D game engines.

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